Inciner8 Supply Incinerators to New Zealand Veterinary Clinic.

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New Zealand is a nation of pet owners, with research suggesting that 58% of New Zealanders own at least one cat or dog (or both!) Pets provide an unmatched companionship for owners, which is the main reason why people choose to get a pet in the first place. Cats, dogs and any other pets become members of the family very quickly in most households.

Saying goodbye to our pets can be one of the most devastating things we have to face, and it means a lot to pet owners to have the right options and facilities to put their minds at ease and give their pets the best send off.

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Based it Otago, New Zealand, Murrays Veterinary Clinic provide treatment and care to many different animals, from household pets to avian and farm animals. Inciner8 have previously provided Murrays with an Inciner8 machine. They have recently purchased the i8-75A medium capacity incinerator.

“The process from start to finish was simple and stress free, We were given lots of advice by the Inciner8 team on what machine would work best for our business and budget. They have lots of knowledge on the Pet Cremation industry and offer a range of useful resources and support for anyone in the business. This made us feel confident when choosing Inciner8 for our machine. Compared to other incinerators on the market, Inciner8’s machines are well manufactured and extremely durable giving them a long working life.”Murrays Veterinary Clinic

At Inciner8 we know the importance of providing quality products, especially in such a sensitive industry. The global pet industry is booming and with it comes a huge growth in pet cremation.

“We are incredibly happy with our machine from Inciner8. The i8-75A is the perfect size for our business and is easy to operate.”

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As market leaders in pet crematorium equipment and solutions, we have a growing portfolio of clients across the globe. We manufacture all of our machines in-house as well as installing the equipment on-site and providing service and maintenance to our customers worldwide.

Inciner8 are pleased to play such an important role in our clients pet cremation business, as well as such a sensitive and emotional time for pet owners.

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