Inciner8 supports people affected by Sudan conflict with landmark order

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Inciner8, the global leader in incineration, has secured one of the largest orders in its history for machinery that will support people affected by the war in Sudan.

The Southport manufacturer is providing two of its flagship incinerators to Sudan.


The £2m order for two of the business’s i8-1000 models is the third largest in the history of Inciner8, which was established in 2003. 
The incinerators, designed to dispose of large volumes of medical, domestic, or industrial waste, will be shipped out to the African country within the next two months after being manufactured in Southport.
The order is a landmark for the business, with Inciner8’s sales team managing to make it happen despite the conflict.

Ghazi Sadledein, the manufacturer’s Head of Sales, said: “War broke out in Sudan when the order was close to being finalised, but the people on the ground really needed the equipment because it makes a real difference to people’s lives to make sure waste is disposed of correctly and safely.

Inciner8 supported its broker customer, a humanitarian organisation supplying aid agencies and NGOs, in finding new locations for the incinerators to be located 600 miles away from the conflict areas.

It meant the equipment could be provided to the new locations to benefit people displaced by the war who need it most, preventing the risk of infection from waste being left to pile up.

Ghazi, who led the deal, said the conclusion was reached following months of hard work on both sides.

Inciner8 makes products of all sizes for a variety of environments that incorporate pioneering clean air technology to ensure customers meet their environmental goals while also meeting their requirements. But the business goes much further than manufacturing, existing with real purpose to deliver solutions that provide an emergency response in times of crisis to reduce risk, prevent the spread of disease and minimise environmental impact.

Ghazi said: “The easy option would have been to wait for the situation to calm down but the customer made it happen, which speaks volumes in terms of how essential this product is.

This is the exciting thing about our business. When there’s a war, pandemic, or natural disaster, we provide a solution to an ever-growing problem because the amount of waste around the world keeps increasing.

From a personal point of view, I’m sitting in an office in Southport, working for a manufacturer with global reach, supplying a product that uses the most advanced technology to Sudan, where there’s a war going on and making a real difference. Knowing we’re assisting people at the most difficult times of their lives is a rewarding feeling.

The business will now provide training to those on the ground to ensure a smooth transition to using the i8-1000.

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