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“Whether being shared across multiple sites, deployed to remote areas or for on-demand support in emergency scenarios, trailer mounted incinerators are a useful option for a variety of waste management needs.”

Unlike large containerised and on-skid alternatives, trailer mounted incinerators are packaged as a more compact incineration option but don’t compromise on power or effectiveness.

Just like other mobile burners, trailer mounted incinerators conduct a second burn of waste, drawing extra air into their main chamber to guarantee efficient disposal of products being destroyed.

Some of the most common uses for trailer mounted incinerators include:

  • Farming and agriculture & for sites where it wouldn’t make commercial sense to install a large, permanent incinerator. Farmers within a local vicinity often team up to purchase a trailer mounted incinerator, which can be brought to their land on demand, when the need arises.
  • Remote locations & being trailer mounted, these incinerators are easily transported and installed in remote locations, such as mining camps. They can also be easily removed once all waste has been destroyed.
  • Local authorities and enforcement & transporting drugs and narcotics brings with it the risk of the products being tampered with or stolen. Local authorities and enforcement groups, for example, benefit from trailer mounted incinerators, which can be transported where needed to destroy material on site.
  • Emergency scenarios & in scenarios where there is little time to prepare for or install waste management solutions, like during disasters or in the outbreak of disease, trailer mounted incinerators come into their own. In such waste management situations, they can be moved to wherever they are needed most, as soon as requested.

Strength in Partnerships

lfor williams trailers

We work closely with Ifor Williams, a leading manufacturer of trailers, on which our globally renowned incinerators are mounted. Known for their reliability and durability, Ifor Williams has a strong reputation. Amongst farmers, the company is known for the proficient way that their products transport heavy cargo, including livestock and horseboxes.

Ifor Williams’ trailers can support up to 2,700kg of incinerator machine and additional equipment, including generator sets, fuel and more. The trailer itself has a fixed headboard and sides with the choice of a drop tailboard or a loading ramp, with galvanised chassis, framework and panels for maximum durability.

The platform is made of hard-wearing, resin-coated, high-density plywood. Commercial rated tyres and unitised wheel bearings are selected for their high carrying capacity and strength.

They’re built on best in business’ parabolic taper relief spring suspension from a beam axle system, with powerful auto-reverse brakes and secure, stable towing devices. Partnered with our incinerators to deliver the highest standards in waste disposal and management, these trailers are renowned for their long working life, meaning any investment goes the distance.

trailer incinerator

In fact, one Inciner8 client, based in Bolivia, purchased four trailer mounted i8-75A’s incinerators for their narcotics department in 2012. All products are still in use today, eight years after purchase.

What to do next?

If a trailer mounted incinerator sounds suited to your needs, and you’d like to hear more about the products available, get in touch with Inciner8 today.

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