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WHO has stated recently that over 15% of all medical waste that is disposed of through incineration is done in poor quality machines that are releasing harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Inciner8 have been supplied medical waste solutions to Nigeria since 2013 to address this problem. The model in use in this video is the i8-M60, our custom built medical incinerator reaches temperatures in excess of 1100oC and retains fumes for over 2 seconds – this ensures total destruction of the desired pollutants. 

Medical waste is only going to grow over the next few decades with the general population ageing and as healthcare becomes more widely available in developing countries. Inciner8 have identified this as a core market for their systems over years: “In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the accessibility to health care in developing countries across Africa. In response to this, both ourselves and private investors have become involved in the supply and delivery of incinerators and other waste related systems to pro-actively combat the coming rise in medical waste. With a modern built incinerator such as the i8-M60, governments and local communities can be rest-assured they are using one of the best solutions out there to ensure a clean environment for themselves and their families for years to come” With more and more international pandemics and outbreaks of global viruses – self-contained medical waste treatment is becoming more and more critical in the fight against the spread of infections and diseases.

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