Central Africa's Waste Fight, Part 2

"In crowded internally displaced camps, it is crucial to prevent diseases and epidemic outbreaks. In 2016, 152 000 people benefited from improved access to sanitation through latrines construction and waste management systems." European Union Review 2017.
This is just the tip of the iceberg - in a region that's been decimated by war and violence over the past decades, certain everyday things we take for granted have become non-existent and cause a real risk. There are over 1/2 million refugees in Zambia and the situation is no different in temporary camps in surrounding countries. In some areas there are no waste collection services at all, meaning most waste is disposed of locally in open dumps or open fires. Solid Waste Generation and collection rates in African Cities
City / Country Per capita annual waste generation (kg/year) Households with garbage Collection (%)
Abidjan./Cote D' Ivoire 365 70
Ibadan/Nigeria 401 40
Zambia 438 Not Available
Bujumbura/Burundi 511 41
Lome/Togo 693 37
Source: In the Central African regions - waste management is sadly, but understandably low down on most Governments agendas. It is therefore critical that members of the international community and humanitarian organisations take up the fight. Inciner8 is proud is part of this process and this week we have commissioned and installed the first machines in in Zambia for this ongoing project.

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