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Earlier this year, members of The United Nations paid a visit to Inciner8’s head office in Southport, UK for a training day on how to operate our Incinerator machines, that are used in several UN missions.

What Is The UN?

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United Nations is an International Government organisation whose purpose is to aid countries and take action on issues such as humanitarian and health emergencies, climate change, human rights, gender equality, food production, and equality.

The UN’s work is divided into 5 areas that they operate within. These are:

  • Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Europe and Central Asia
  • The Middle East

The Training Day


The members of the UN came to have training on how to correctly operate our incinerators and see the process from start to finish. This included the preparing of the machine, loading, un-loading, and de-ashing of the machines.

The purpose of the training day was to provide accurate and safe training so that the members who attended could conduct training sessions of their own to other colleagues and operators who will be using our machines.


The training day was a huge success with the UN Members leaving site with expert training and advice given by our Inciner8 Team.

“I would like to send a big thank you for the successful visit and training we received and thank you to the Electronics and Manufacturing Team for their invaluable explanations of all aspects of the incinerator units.

We both now feel so much more confident of your products and our ability to conduct training of their use.”

Our Work With NGO’s

Inciner8 have worked with the UN and many other humanitarian organisations, including The World Health Organization (WHO), for many years. We provide them with high standard incinerator machines to help manage and dispose of various waste streams such as medical waste, animal waste, and general waste.

During 2014 we assisted various NGO’s and Governments in the fight against the Ebola Crisis and SARS by providing essential, high quality waste incinerators to dispose of contaminated hazardous waste.

Load up hrough B747 nosedoor

We have also been providing incinerators around the world during the Covid-19 Pandemic for medical waste disposal.

If you are an NGO or Humanitarian Organisation and would like to know more about our incinerators, please call us on +44 1704 884020 or fill out the for on our Contact Us page.

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