Ebola Outbreak – Prepared, Experienced and Ready to Deploy

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Inciner8 have plenty of experience in supporting humanitarian efforts around the globe through our provision and installation of medical waste incinerators to safely destroy any infected waste. All our medical models are fully equipped to handle the waste fall-out from the treating of suspected cases right through to (if required and regionally acceptable) pathological waste.

Experience counts for everything when lives are involved

Since 2014 we have worked closely with NGOs and Aid Agencies to ensure rapid deployment of our machines to areas where they are needed most. In previous years we have been assisted by the US Army in the logistics of getting our incinerators on the ground as quickly as possible.

Many of our engineering team have been through these types of crisis before and our processes have been refined in response to their feedback from previous missions. We are committed to this region and have a real passion to help and go the extra mile.

Why use inciner8?

Recognised as the global leader in small to medium waste incinerators and mobile waste solutions. We always keep a ring-fenced stock of our most popular medical incinerators ready for immediate dispatch, so we can react swiftly to these epidemics as and when they happen.

Next steps

Timing is critical in these situations, so establish contact with our sales team who are available 24/7 via email and they will discuss with you the best solution for your specific needs.

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