Managing hazardous waste during the COVID-19 pandemic

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“In a hospital or medical environment, preventing and delaying the spread of Coronavirus goes far beyond washing hands. Good biosecurity is essential, and the safe disposal of infected waste will save lives.”


The scale of the current situation, particularly in countries such as the UK which has never seen an outbreak of infectious disease of this magnitude, may seem overwhelming for those on the front line.

But these are well chartered waters for us at Inciner8, one of the world’s largest incinerator manufacturers. We have been deployed to manage the containment and control of some of the most infectious and destructive disease outbreaks of recent times, from Ebola in Liberia to SARS in South East Asia. Our teams have been instrumental in providing high temperature medical incinerators to safely destroy infected waste during outbreaks of foot and mouth disease, avian bird flu, swine flu, and other infectious diseases.

Quality, reliability and efficiency are at the heart of what we do. With our expertise and equipment, we can support hospitals and medical environments to ensure that they follow WHO guidelines for the destruction of contaminated waste, including disposing of waste on site wherever possible.


Inciner8’s medical incinerators safely process infected and contaminated waste.

Our mobile incinerators & which can be plugged in and ready for use at rapid speed & enable the destruction of waste on site or at source, avoiding any risks in spreading or transmitting infected material.

What’s more, our engineers remain out in the field in the face of this pandemic, maintaining and servicing incinerators, only avoiding areas where forced quarantine is in place.

Complete a Coronavirus enquiry form, call +44 1704 884020 if you are looking for support from:

  • Experts in responding to the complexities of the disposal of hospital grade infectious waste
  • The world’s largest incinerator manufacturer, able to provide ready-to-go incinerators which can be used on site
  • A team of engineers working at the coal face maintaining and servicing incinerators
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