5 Things You Should Be Doing to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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IMPORTANT: If you have an enquiry relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) then please use our Emergency Response Form and we will respond shortly.

As Coronavirus has now formally been declared a Pandemic by the WHO , there is a lot of varying information around offering best advice. We have pulled together what we feel is the most reliable top 5, these are:

1. Wash Your Hands – Regularly

This is one of the main bits of advice globally, and the primary cause in the shortage of hand sanitizers. Luckily production is ramping up and we should see availability shortly.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Human Contact

Common sense really, but just question if you need to shake a hand or offer a hug – even if this is someone you know really well.

3. Any Symptoms – Self Quarantine

Had a cough and temperature that are persistent? Then advice globally is to self-isolate. Walking to your local health clinic or doctor is only going to do one thing – potentially spread it further.

4. Only Travel if Essential

Although the draw of cheap flights is tempting to us all. You must question, is a cheap flight worth risking your well-being or that of others? In life there are some things that are simply not worth it – this is one.

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5. Coronavirus Waste

INciner8’s wide range of medical incinerators are suitable for the destruction of contaminated medical waste. Call us on 0044 1704 884020 or visit our contact us page to see how we can assist.

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