Queens Award Winner for International Trade

Inciner8 & a company who supply innovate thermal heat treatment solutions specialising in the recovery of energy from waste has been awarded The Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015 in the international trade category for continued growth of international sales. Inciner8 are the only Incinerator manufacturer to have won this prestigious award. This is now our second time & winning it previously in 2012. In excess of 90% of the company's total sales in 2014-2015 were overseas, an impressive achievement when figures for general UK manufacturing show its been dropping at its fastest rate for decades. Inciner8 is a privately owned, Southport based manufacturing company. We are specialist and market leaders in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of industrial incinerators all with the ability to generate energy from waste they process. Our products are in use in over 140 countries and for a wide range of applications such as Medical, Municipal, Animal and Humanitarian Waste streams. To find out more about how inciner8 could help you manage your waste stream visit or email

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