Tackling sheep and poultry farming in the heart of Lancashire

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Chorley Sheep farm is located in the heart of the Lancashire countryside and carries over 600 livestock. They specialise in sheep and poultry and supply
over 65 local restaurants and pubs as well as UK supermarkets. They came to us needing a new waste solution to tackle their fallen stock and carcass
remains. They had previously used incineration as a way to dispose of their waste but it was now inadequate for the size of their farm and they needed an incinerator with a larger chamber.

Sheep in field

When they contacted us here at Inciner8 we looked into their waste and how best to combat their issues. We proposed two machines that would be great options for onsite incineration, our i8-55A & i8-75A. These machines are some of our most popular models with the agricultural range due to their high burn rates and efficient fuel consumption, they also fit into compact spaces and are
easy to operate, making them the perfect solution for a wide variety of purposes.

Our new i8-75G not only outperforms our old incinerator but it is much more fuel efficient when in operation, it uses less fuel and has a much improved start up time. I genuinely wish we changed years ago, it has made a massive improvement to the daily challenges here on the farm
John – Farmer

Chorley Sheep farm opted for our i8-75A as they believed this model allowed for times when fallen stock, unfortunately, rises above normal levels and would be able to easily meet demands when these unfortunate times occur.

The farm has had the i8-75A in place now for just over four months and they are not only extremely pleased with the performance but the ease of use. They stated that the new machine can easily be operated by everyone on the farm and it has outperformed their expectations since its arrival.

Sheep in field
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