What is a Communal Pet Cremation?

Starting out in the Pet Cremation industry can be a challenge, especially if you are unsure on legislation or protocol. You must be hard-working, have attention to detail and most of all be respectful of all animals and your clients wishes.

Heat Recovery

Selecting a Location for your Pet Crematoria

Typically you would look for somewhere not too built up - mainly because the atmosphere you can create in a more rural setting is much more suitable and respectful than an inner city area. It will also reduce the amount of objections to planning if required in your country.

It should also have:

  • Good catchment area
  • Plenty of space to expand
  • Rural locations are best
  • Be affordable

Planning & Permit Application

As mentioned above, location can be key in obtaining a permit (if required). Inciner8 always suggest you have a discussion with your local authorities about setting up a pet cremation business. Not only will they be able to advise on permits and licensing, they will likely know the typical objections and failings that occur locally.

Buying a Pet Cremator

We suggest buy one that large enough to grow into. For example if you never plan to cremate anything larger than a dog, we'd suggest staying with models such as our i8-55A, i8-75A or i8-250 - the later giving you more space to process multiple cremation simultaneously. We offer a range of supporting accessories such as cremulators, segregation trays and urns. Speak to one of our pet cremation experts today.

Our Pet Cremators are in use across the UK and beyond. When you have to handle something so sensitive its important that this is done in a conscientious manner. Our years of experience in this sector ensure you get the best aftersales support available and the market leading product.

You should also check to see if there are ways to separate the remains if you choose to do multiple cremations at once.

Pet Incinerator Prices

Costs of pet incinerators vary dramatically and are usually based on the listed features of the cremation unit. Some offer 'hot hearth' designs (which are more efficient and commonplace), You should also pay attention to the published burn rates and batch sizes to ensure you have capacity to cremate enough animals per day to meet your targets..

Pet Crematorium for Sale

On occasions you can buy a pet cremation business that already exists. The downside to this is you do not fully know the history of operation, overall perception of their business or the reliability of the existing cremator.

Pet Cremator Models

i8-20A Animal Cremator (35kg) – suitable for only small pet and animal cremation
i8-40A Animal Cremator (50kg) – medium capacity pet cremation unit ideal for cats and dogs
i8-55A Animal Cremator (60g) – for cremation of larger dogs and other pets
i8-75A Animal Cremator  / i8-140A Animal Cremator (70-120kg) – for cremation of pets of all sizes
i8-200A Animal Incinerator / i8-250A Animal Incinerator  (200-300kg) – our most popular pet cremation system, suitable for all pets.

Here at Inciner8 you have access to our pet cremation experts, combustion scientists and legislation advice.

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