General Waste Incinerators

General waste is an unwanted refuse material or substance. It may consist of materials from community or household activities (municipal, domestic or camp waste) or from industrial activities (manufacturing, mining or agricultural).

General/Municipal Market Information

Worldwide, the problem of waste accumulation is reaching threatening proportions. Landfill options are showing more and more weaknesses and are becoming extremely expensive. They are not an efficient solution. As a natural process, nature is converting landfill waste into highly dangerous matter.

Market Positioning

Incineration is the most obvious solution for total destruction of municipal waste, avoiding all the direct and indirect risks associated with other disposal methods.

Incineration perfectly fits into a trend of treating waste in a safe way, and if possible, at the same place where it was generated to avoid cross-contamination risk and to keep waste treatment costs at an acceptable level.

Why choose a Waste Incinerator from Inciner8?

The potential for recovered energy makes incineration not only the safest, but also one of the most cost-effective disposal methods.

Our general waste incinerators for waste management use the highest standards of construction with superior corrosion resistance at high temperatures and backed by 30 years of engineering experience. With an enviable range of Incinerators for sale, we are confident you will find the perfect solution to your waste challenges.

What fuel can be used to power waste incinerators?

Our range of incinerators can use a variety of fuels to pre-heat and modulate heat throughout the combustion process. The decision usually depends on what fuel is readily available in the vacinity and its cost. Certain fuel types are by their nature 'cleaner' than others - for example natural and LPG gas produce less emissions than oil.

Common incinerator fuels:

  • Natural Gas
  • LPG Gas
  • Diesel
  • Light Oil
  • Kerosene

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