Our Values

We are extremely proud of the recognition we have received for our work both locally and on the international stage. Innovation and R&D are key to our continued growth.

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Who are INCINER8 ?

Inciner8 is one of the most respected names in global waste management solutions, providing a diverse international client portfolio with market-leading incinerators that remain at the forefront of British manufacturing.

Where are we located?

Operating from our 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing HQ in Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom a local and highly-skilled workforce develops, assembles, exports and services our products. We source materials and consumables from the UK and source talent locally to achieve a supply chain that is 90% home-grow and North West based, so local economies benefit from our international trade success.

Who do we sell waste solutions to?

We have provided clean air incinerators to the United Nations, World Health Organization, MSF, International Rescue Committee, Red Cross and British Foreign Office. We have also supply our products to the military, air-force