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Military Camp Incinerators

Military camps are in some of the world's most remote and challenging locations. Creating a proper waste management solution in these areas is essential to the longevity and success of a well ran operation.

In an era where we see thousands of men and women placed all over the world for military operations, waste management is often overlooked. We build & supply military grade incinerators that are robust, reliable and efficient.

Mobile Incinerator Solutions

When you need to relocate at a moment notice, you want all your equipment to be easily transported. All our army incinerators can be supplied as mobile waste solutions.

Military organisations require waste solutions that are resilient to extreme conditions and can be easily mobilised

Our medium and large portable incinerator models can be supplied skid mounted or as containerised waste systems. These can also be fitted with heat exchangers to provide hot water and hot air to the camp. Smaller models can be supplied on an incinerator trailer to allow rapid deployment to where they are needed most.

What Types of Waste are Generated at an Army Base?

Typical waste generated from military camps is considered as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). This can compromise of food, cardboard, wood, plastics and paper waste. All of these materials are safe to be incinerated.

Effective waste management prevents vermin and disease & reduces the demand on local resources

Ensuing there is no build-up of this waste in the camp and not overloading local infrastructure is a key responsibility in modern peacekeeping work. Our medium and larger incinerator models can be fitted with heat exchangers to provide hot water and hot air to the camp and give extra benefits when in remote locations.

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We Are a Registered NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE)

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    Inciner8 are registered with NATO and can be selected via procurement portals using our reference. Many of our products and parts have NSN (NAT Stock Numbers) already. Our experience in this sector means that we are well versed in the process of procurement via NATO and many other forces around the world.


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    Inciner8 are listed on DUNS and can be found with the registration number below. DUNS is globally recognised as a voice of authority by many government and military organisations on businesses. It is currently used across the European Commission, the United Nations, and the United States government

    D-U-N-S® Number: 736053567

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Established military supplier

Years of Experience

At Inciner8 we have decades of experience dealing with military projects on behalf of The M.O.D, US Army, US Airforce, Jordanian Airforce, Saudi Arabia to name a few.

We know how to supply and install incinerator machines to the most hostile and dangerous locations.

For more information on how our Military / Army Camp Incinerators can help you.

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Alternatively, you can contact sales using one of the following.

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