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Large scale incinerators

Large incinerators are ideal for single bulky waste items such as animal carcases or where you have continuous high volumes of waste to destroy.

We supply large incinerators all across the world to a variety of sectors that all have one purpose - to dispose of any waste types better and more effectively.

What is counted as a large capacity incinerator?

Large scale incinerators are ones that have the capacity to burn over 150kg of waste per hour. Our biggest models are capable of burning up to 1000kg per hour.

What you burn will have an impact on your burn rate with dry or high calorific value items seeing your burn rate greatly improve when compared to damp or wet waste. This is because this type of waste burns easily and is far more combustible and thus takes less time to break down. Some larger incinerators we have supplied like the i8-700G and i8-1000G have had an additional drying system designed* which makes all waste as dry as possible before entering the primary chamber. These heavy duty solutions are often used for municipal waste incineration where continuous operation of waste disposal services is critical.

* bespoke design services were required at additional cost.

Does my large incinerator count as a SWIP?

All our machines can operate under the SWIP guidelines which say you can process a maximum of 3 tonnes per hour of non-hazardous waste or 10 tonnes per day of hazardous depending on your waste types. For a more detailed guideline, we recommend contacting your local council or government for a full permit form and additional information as guidelines can change of vary depending on your location.

High throughput & performance

The benefits of a large scale incinerator are clear to see, a huge burn rate that can accommodate a significant amount of waste on a daily basis, little manpower and energy return.

It is clear to see why many people are viewing large waste incinerators as one of the futures in our fight against waste.

Benefits of our large incinerators

Our large incinerators start at the i8-250 and finish at the i8-1000 series. We supply large incinerators all across the world to a variety of sectors that all have one purpose - to dispose of waste better and more effectively.

  • Incinerates over-sized single items
  • Higher burn rates
  • Larger batch sizes
  • Wide range of accessories

High capacity incinerators usually go to large global businesses and companies such as mining operations in Africa or big medical facilities at Government level but are also purchased by other operations such as mega-farms or communities that struggle with a proper waste management infrastructure - often where waste build-ups pose the risk of a potential biosecurity outbreak.

I8 1000 low

Typical uses for large scale incinerators

  • Medical related applications

    • Large hospitals and health clinics
    • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
    • PPE & other infected waste
  • General / industrial waste

    • Recycling centres
    • Mining operations
    • As part of an industrial process
  • Waste generated by agriculture

    • Abattoirs and slaughterhouses
    • Large livestock farms
    • Food production plants

Loading Options

All our larger incinerators can be fitted with optional autoloading systems to work towards continuous operation. There are also a number of carcass and ISO standard bin tipping systems that can be used in conjuctin with the autoloaer or as stand-alone loading systems.

De ash option

Both the i8-700 and i8-1000 series can be fitted with innovative de-ashing systems that also work towwards the aim of conitunous operation. Using a combination of screw augers and conveyors these de-ashng systems have been designed to operate almost un-attended to keep operational costs as low as possible.

What types of incinerators do we offer?

Fixed hearth incinerators feature a static well insulated chamber where waste is loaded, this results in high temperatures that help to vaporize fats and liquids and other waste types to ensure complete combustion. It is a very common and practical waste solution method that is proven to be effective in destroying all appropriate waste types.

When you purchase an incinerator from us, we’ll discuss which fuels will work best for your specific project.

Our team are available to talk through your general waste enquiries and can match you with the perfect incinerator for your waste requirements.

Sales support

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will assist you step by step through the processes, understanding your needs and specifying the optimal solution for your project or waste streams.

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Technical support

We've invested in our technical support & after-sales so you can now contact us in several ways. Once your request is received, our technical help team will assist with your query.

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