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Drug & Contraband Incinerators

Illegal & controlled drug destruction requires specialist solutions to ensure there are no active by-products.

Drug incinerators are growing in popularity over recent years and we have seen this first hand with the growing market and amount of inquires we receive on a monthly basis.

Effective thermal destruction

Incineration is by far the most cost-efficient, safest and secure way to destroy seized waste at source. Incineration reduces these substances to as little as 3% of their original volume. Inciner8 has a wide range of waste solutions that are ideal for these scenarios.

Thermal treatment of contraband at point of seizure can reduce asscociated costs and risks considerably.

We can provide a low-cost easily portable solution for your operatives to take with them on raids and larger fixed incinerators to process higher volumes of seized drugs. If you have a specific requirement or existing equipment that needs integrating - our team of engineers and designers are on hand to assist.

As with all our products these incinerators are supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed up by our 1 year/1000 hour warranty and global after-sales support.

Portable Drug Incinerator - The Sirocco

A lightweight, easily portable waste solution that uses a cyclonic effect to create great thermal efficiency. The Sirocco will destroy drug waste cleanly and efficiently at any location you desire. Whatsmore is all this can be achieved with zero fuel.

Benefits of using Sirocco as a mobile drugs destruction unit:

  • Reduces points where contraband could be tampered with or stolen (eg. in transit or at secured facilities).
  • Transparency of process - confiscated drugs are destroyed at the source and therefore is quick to process.
  • This system requires no continual fuel supply. Start the fan in the chamber and ignite
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Single person operation

Read more about the Sirocco incinerator


Suitable for the thermal destruction of:

    • Cocaine & Crack Cocaine
    • Heroin and other Opiates
    • Cannabis (Marijuana)
    • Spice and other Cannabinoids
    • MDMA, Ketamine and Amphetamines
    • Certain prescription drugs

NB: this is not an exhaustive list of drugs that can be successfully destroyed in our incinerators.

Trailer Mounted Drug Incinerators

We can provide our award-winning waste solutions on a range of trailer mounted solutions that are specially designed in line with the country of origins laws. We have provided a range of these systems to police departments across the USA and narcotic departments located in Bolivia.

Future developments

We are developing units that can securely store drugs during transit - ensuring they are not tampered with or removed after seizure. These solutions will soon be offered alongside and in combination with our current product offering, designed to be used in harmony with our Inciner8 lineup.

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Common incinerators used for drugs & contraband destruction

Many of the models below can also be supplied on trailers or self-contained in a containerised system.

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