Solar Incinerators

Many regions across the globe do not have easy access to the fuel or electricity required to run a traditional incinerator. Our containerised solar incinerator is just another innovative development from our R&D programme.

Sheep farmers are acutely aware of the rising costs associated with the disposal of fallen livestock and animal by-products. Incineration not only reduces these costs, but allows you to take full control of how you manage waste and bio-security on-site.

"One of the few things that is still free in this world - is sunshine and the energy it releases"

The science behind solar powered waste destruction

The science is relatively simple, using an array of solar panels we collect sunlight, then through a couple of patent pending processes we convert this into use-able energy to power the incinerator. The whole system is self-contained in a 20ft container. This also means its easy to move to where it is needed.

At the end of the waste destruction cycle there is still plenty of surplus energy. This can be used to power lighting or provide charging points for USB devices such as phones and tablets - in fact you could use the extra electricity to power a basic water purification system.

Continual research and improvement.

Part of INCINER8's methodology is to stay at the forefront of technological advances and see how these can be implemented into our current product ranges. Inciner8 were the first incinerator company to develop a mobile incinerator, portable waste to energy incinerator and roll these out into production.

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