Skid Mounted Incinerators

Our latest range of large portable incinerators lend themselves to a variety of uses in waste management. Whether it is for shared facilities, camps, farms or even for disease control in remote areas.

Our skid mount incinerators are exclusively used for our larger model incinerators such as the i8-700. If you wanted a large portable incinerator, we would recommend that you use a skid mount.

The skid mount is also designed in a way that allows it to carry the incinerator and any other extra equipment, including fuel tanks and generators.

What is a 'Skid Mount'?

A skid mount is a method use to distribute and store machinery. The machinery is permanently mounted at the point of manufacture. Typically, it will be mounted onto rails, a metal pallet or in a frame. This makes the machinery ready for easy transportation.

What are the Benefits of a Skid Mounted Incinerator?

Skid mounts are readily available and highly specified - therefore there is plenty of additional space to carry extra items. Simply put, the machinery at point of manufacture is permanently mounted in a frame or onto rails or a metal pallet.

  • Standardised Size for Shipping
  • Added Protection During Transit
  • Clear Operational footprint
  • Modular Design for Easy Integration
  • Rigid & Level Framework

Other Mobile Incineration options

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