Refugee Camp Incinerators Specially designed for use by NGO's and Humanitarian Organisations

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Typical waste generated from mining and exploration sites is usually considered as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) - which comprises typically of food waste, wood, platics, cardboard and paper. All of which are safe to incinerate (see "What you can/cannot incinerate?").

Even in the Most Demanding of Situations, Waste Processing Should be First on the List

Inciner8 have deployed a number of hotel waste incienrators over recent years and see this as a growing market. Incineration is by far the most cost efficient and safe way to destroy waste in remote locations. With limited or no grid acess, our oil or gas fired systems can be easily operated with no large overheads. Our pollution control and odour removal modules mean that guests are completely un-affected by the system.

Use the excess heat from incineration to create electricity, hot air and/or hot water for cleaning. Waste to Energy is now being used in many resorts and hotel complexes worldwide as companies look at other ways to conserve energy and do their bit for the environment.

Managing your own waste reduces expensive waste collection fees, avoids people fly-tipping and removes any buildups of waste that attract vermin and pests.

All our incinerators are supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed up by our 1 year warranty and global after sales support.


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