PPE Kits for Incineration

Are you working with any kind of hazardous waste or operating any type of incinerator? You’ll need to wear personal protective equipment. This will safeguard your health and prevent any accidental injuries.

PPE kits save lives and ensure the safety of your workers. Anyone else working in close proximity to dangerous materials or powerful incinerators should also use them. The majority of personal protective equipment should be common sense and common place. Your exact requirements may vary depending on the types of waste you handle.

But there are some essential pieces of PPE that every waste handler and incinerator operator should wear – at all times.

"But there are some essential pieces of PPE that every
waste handler and incinerator operator should wear – at all times.

Essential PPE for waste handlers and incinerator operators

  • Face mask or safety visor – to protect eyes and mouth
  • Heavy duty gloves – to protect hands
  • Apron or coveralls – to prevent damage to clothing
  • Heavy duty boots – to protect feet

In most countries there is now a minimum requirement of what PPE kit you should wear. Check with your local authority or government to find out what you need. If you are unsure then purchase one of our PPE kits. This will mean you are meeting EU guidelines for operating a waste incinerator.

PPE Kit for Incinerator Operators

Why is Personal Protective Equipment required?

Waste handling

Handling waste – especially incinerating hazardous materials – can be a dangerous task. Workers need to be protected from disease and germs, which can be easily inhaled or irritate skin. It’s essential that any exposed skin on the arms and legs are full covered. You should also cover the mouth to minimise any risk of infection.

For workers handling medical or health care waste, there is the additional risk of bodily fluids and splashed chemicals. Full body aprons provides an extra layer of protection in these situations.

Sharp objects are also common place in health care waste. Heavy duty gloves are vital to help prevent accidental cuts, scratches or punctures and cross-contamination.

Incinerator operation

Incinerators burn waste material to extremely high temperatures, and each machine features numerous built-in safety measures. However workers are still required to load materials and operate the incinerator itself. Temperatures can exceed 1100oC in parts of our incinerators.

The best PPE kits provide heat resistant materials to protect operators from the high temperatures they may be dealing with. A full safety visor is required to withstand the raised temperatures. This visor also protects the face from both the heat and potential sparks.

Flame retardant clothing – including gloves, arm guards, jackets and coveralls are all essential pieces of PPE. These help minimise any potential risk if stray sparks, incinerated material or simmering ash lands on an operator.

Make sure you have the right PPE equipment for incineration

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