Pet Cremation Systems

Pet cremation is a growing industry globally as more and more people want to send of their beloved pets in a more memorable way. Our range of front loading systems are suitabe for most domestic animals and can be run in most cases by a single operator.

All of pet cremation machines are built to our high standards in the UK and covered by our comprehensive warranty to ensure you have a machine that will last many years and be fully maintained/serviced by our network of support engineers.

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PC1 Small Pet Cremator

Our entry level model - suitable for small cats and dogs and other small animals such as rabbits. Low running costs.

Image of PC1

PC2 Medium Pet Cremator

Our mid-level and most popular pet cremation model Large front loading design and integrated fuel tank.

Horse Crematorium

Horse / Equine Cremator

This system can be used for much larger animals such as horses, ponies and even camels. Optional loader available.

Is Pet Cremation Profitable?

As with all business ventures, hard work and commitment are expected as standard, but if you apply these and some common sense there is no reason you can't have a highly rewards AND profitable business up and running within 12 months.

Pet Cremation is a Growing Industry in Almost Every Country on the Globe Where there are Pet Lovers.

If you are looking to start up a pet cremation business then we have a number of resources available to you. Why not read our 'Starting a Pet Cremation Business' page or download our 'Starting a Pet Crematorium Business Plan'.

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Fully Compliant for use in the UK and EU All our pet cremation and animal waste machines are listed as DEFRA type approved for the safe destruction of animal carcasses and their related by-products and waste.

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