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Moving Grate System

Moving Grate Waste to Energy Solutions

New for 2019 - a range of small scale waste to energy solutions aimed specifically at the waste management industry. Suitable for RDF and MSF waste streams.

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British Small Business Awards Winners - Exporter of the Year

We've only gone and done it again - another award for our experience in exporting to 170+ countries world-wide

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New Website Launched

The latest website has just gone live. Now featuring more usage scenarious and a range of new medical incinerators

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Come and see us at Waste '18

This year we will be presenting our Waste to Energy solutions to the skip hire and waste management sector. Come and see us on Stand 26

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Vincent Ferguson

Chairman named in Queen's Birthday honours

Vince Ferguson has been awarded the OBE in recognition to his services to export and the international waste industry. The actual award ceremony date will be announced shortly.

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Pakistan Medical Waste

New Medical Waste Facility Opens in Pakistan

With much fanfare a new medical waste facility has been opened that utilizes our i8M-120 medical waste incinerator to safely dispose of any Type I - IV waste streams.

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Bird Flu

Avian Bird Flu is Back

Every time we hear of an outbreak of this virus our hearts go out to farmers within these regions. Bio-security is paramount in the prevention of these outbreaks.

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Hazardous Waste

Incinerators used to fight HIV outbreak in Zimbabwe

Read the case study we have compiled about how our machines have assisted int he battle against HIV in Africa.

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Fallen Stock Disposal

Lambing season predicted to be longer and more challenging than usual

This year lambing season has started earlier and is predicted to continue longer than normal , meaning livestock bio-security is more important than ever

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Steel Warriors Gym

Inciner8 help in the war against knife crime with Steel Warriors

Using our thermal treatment technology we we able to process the harmful knifes and make 'inert' prior to smelting down into gym equipment. Read more about this exciting new project.

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Steel Warriors Gym

Inciner8 help in the war against knife crime with Steel Warriors

Using our thermal treatment technology we we able to process the harmful knifes and make 'inert' prior to smelting down into gym equipment. Read more about this exciting new project.

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Marburg Virus Victim

Marburg Virus Outbreaks Reported

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have deployed medical experts and advisers on the ground to provide essential support and guidance on containing this outbreak. So far only a handful of fatalities have been reported in the Uganda / Kenya border area.

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An Introduction into Incineration

For many incineration is an unknown entity - often perceived as a dirty technology. Here we discuss the many benefits that incineration can offer over other less effective waste treatments. read about incineration here.

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General Waste in Africa

Read about Africa's Ongoing Battle Against Waste

Through natural disasters, political upheaval and war many African nations are now playing catch up in terms of safely managing the waste they generate. This recent report shows just how far behind even with simple waste collection.

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Fallen Stock in Scandinavia and Canada

COVID-19 Incinerators Set New Record For Merseyside Manufacturer

4 Types of Mobile Incinerators For Remote Locations

6 Things To Do With Your Pets Cremated Ashes

Add Pet Cremation to Your Business Plan

Southport Manufacturer Supports Local Care Homes With PPE Donation

Inciner8 Make PPE Donation To Care Homes Across Southport and Ormskirk

UN Visit Inciner8 Head Office For Incinerator Training

The Cannabis Industry

Who was Florence Nightingale?

Poultry Waste - Carcass Disposal Following Bird Loss

Waste collection at home is key to killing Coronavirus

Trailer mounted incinerators – what are my options?

Managing hazardous waste during the COVID-19 pandemic

5 Things You Should Be Doing to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What Materials Can Be Incinerated?

Different ways to make use of your poultry litter

How do you work an incinerator?

How Southeast Asia is Driving Poultry Consumption Growth

What are incinerator machines? An idiot’s guide

5 things to do in an African Swine Fever outbreak

Dealing With Christmas Poultry Waste

Demystifying Waste Classification Codes

Incineration For Controlled Substances and Pyrotechnics

Portable Incinerators: What Are My Options?

Medical Waste Color Coding Cheat-Sheet

Why are Dual Chamber Incinerators best for Burning Medical Waste?

Educational Incinerators: Managing Waste

Bio Hazardous Waste and Incineration

Incineration vs Rendering: What To Consider

Incinerator Legislation: Going Back To Basics

Disposing of Your Fallen Stock During Lambing Season

Chronic Wasting Disease Outbreak Across America

Humanitarian and Disaster Zone Incineration

Poultry Incinerators: Where They Are Used and Why

Poultry Production in Southeast Asia

Poultry Production in the Caribbean

Poultry Production in North Africa and The Middle East

Game waste management – why incineration is the answer

Poultry Waste incineration: UK versus around the globe

Supporting UN peace missions in Darfur and Sudan

How to get rid of Japanese Knotweed?

Hazardous Waste and Incineration

Inciner8 Dealer Network Expands

Cannabis Waste and Incineration

Incineration- The ideal disposal method for confidential waste

Incineration and hotels

Inciner8 receives back-to-back accolades for exporting excellence

Inciner8 recognised for exporting excellence

Fighting the Waste War in Central Africa

Inciner8 backs knife crime charity

6 waste terms & what they mean

Recent Medical Incinerator Projects in Pakistan

5 Steps to Running Your Own Waste to Energy Plant

Invasive Plants in UK

Treatment of Medical Waste

Why incinerating biomedical waste benefits us all

Different Types of Medical Waste

Pet Cremation and other choices

The Importance of Incineration Specification

Cremation - How to prepare for the unexpected

Giant Hogweed

Floating Pennywort

Himalayan balsam


Japanese Knotweed

Inciner8 Chairman Receives O.B.E.

INCINER8 Working With UK Exporters and Manufacturers

Winners of British Small Business Awards 2018

Technical Excellence in Animal Waste for the IAEA

Inciner8 donate a state of the art waste management system.

Portable crematorium - perfect solution to essential downtime

RWM 2018 - The Waste to Energy Revolution

Newcastle Disease in Poultry | Coming to the UK?

Mining Waste Management & Incineration Solutions

Desert Fish Farming & Waste Management

What is Pet Cremation?

Chairman Awarded OBE in Queens Birthday Honours List

Ebola Outbreak In The Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola Outbreak - Prepared, Experienced and Ready to Deploy

Installation and Opening of Medical Waste Facility

Oceans Apart - 'Fantasy Island'

Animal Carcass Incineration

10 things you can do to reduce the threat of Avian Flu

Incineration used in fight against HIV in Zimbabwe

Spearheading Medical Waste Management in Indonesia

Lambing Season & Fallen Stock

10 Benefits of Incinerator Maintenance

Incinerator Safety Features

Waste to Energy Incinerators in the UK

Mining Companies Dig Deeper into Waste Challenges

Incinerators as part of 'Cradle to Grave' waste process

Cleaning Soil with an Incinerator

Increasing Bio-Security using an Incinerator

Inciner8 add their weight to fighting knife crime

Marburg Virus - Ebola's Deadly Relative

Incineration 101

10 Pre-Incineration Tips for Medical Waste

Central Africa's Waste Fight, Part 2

Salmon lice and how to contain them

Another insight into the Global Leader in Incineration

Mobile Incinerators - Reaching the Places others Cannot

Island Waste - "A necklace of incineration"

The Real Cost of Landfill

Nigeria Receives Incinerator From Private Donor

Introduction to our Medical Waste Capabilities

Come and see us at Arab Health 2017

Bespoke Incinerator Solution Shipped to Caribbean

Sunshine is a welcome thing. It brings a lot of brightness.

Choosing a Human Cremation System

Finding better ways…..Cremation

Taiwan Delegation on Waste to Energy Fact Finding Mission

What are the types of incinerators available?

Prestigious Queens Award Presented to Local Business.

Energy from Waste (EfW)

About our Energy from Waste Solution

Global Servicing Network

DEFRA Approved Pig Incinerators

Inciner8's medical waste solution in the Pacific

Manufacturing Today Profile Leading Incineration Company

Inciner8 Successfully Deliver Another Large Medical Contract

Mobile Incinerators for Medical Waste

Incinerators, Farms and Bio-Security

Innovative Uses for Incinerator Fly Ash

Animal & Agricultural Incinerators

Queens Award Winner for International Trade

Queens Award Winner For Innovation

Double Royal Honour for Inciner8 at Queens Award

Pet Cremation as Business

Foundry by products and casting waste

Now is the time to start investing in Waste to Energy

Medical Incineration Experts

Inciner8's help fighting Ebola featured in BBC programme

Reducing Waste Management Costs

Why Incinerate?

Quarantine SI equipped with garbage incubator

Inciner8 export success at national manufacturing awards

Airlifting Inciner8 incinerators to Ebola Hotspots

Plans afoot to breathe new life into ageing incineration facility

Careful planning and due diligence key to incinerator projects

Inciner8 supporting the fight against Ebola

English waste powering Scandinavian homes this winter

Ebola: the fight continues but the waste piles up

Incineration project sends message to illegal traders

‘The Sirocco’ the Green Heat Burner

No place to dispose of private hospitals waste

Show us the incinerator alternatives

University plans to provide 50 napkin incinerators

What a load of rubbish

MMDA chief proposes garbage incineration to lessen flooding

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