Moving Grate Incinerators

We identified the need to provide an all-inclusive W2E system allowing serious waste management from storage and feed through to final conversion of the heat and gases into energy. From the technological and commercial standpoint this system represents proven delivery.

Each pre-designed stage/module of the system delivers formulated and regulated flows of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) with key characteristics, through each phase of the conversion, from combustion, gas emissions, heat regulation and finally the mechanics of turbine generated electricity. Natural bi products include significant heat and heated water.

Why use moving grate technology?

  • The integral stepped inclined grate, which uses moving bars to move the waste down each of the grates is housed within the combustion chamber, fed by Inciner8 conveyors or autoloaders. This provides a carefully controlled environment for efficient operation.

  • At the entry portal of the chamber a powerful burner ignites the RDF as it flows onto the grate. The combustion temperatures and waste flow are continually optimised.

  • A separated air supply is provided to each grate section to provide the different conditions required for drying, oxygen input and temperature regulation.

  • An automated deashing unit is synchronised with the waste flow and efficiently removes ash from the process, cleaning and clearing the moving grate through gravitational forces and temperature control of gases.

  • The flow is critical for the subsequent modules in the W2E system, feeding a regulated waste flow and continuous gas volume.

Moving Grate Technology Allows Larger Batch Sizes and Ensures
a Quicker More Even Combustion Cycle

Product Specifications
Burn Rate 500 - 1000kg per hour
Chamber Capacity m3
Length (mm) 8750mm
Width (mm) 2400mm
Height (mm) 4762mm
Shipping Weight 30,000 kg
Operating Temperature 850°C+

Benefits of Moving Grate

Lenient - sorting or shredding can accommodate large quantities and variations of MSW composition and RDF and high calorific value.
Combustion Control - The moving grate has specific air controls to modulate the ideal mixture for waste being combusted.
Capacity - The unit capacity and plant capacity of the moving grate incineration system is the highest of all W2E solutions. The output is only limited by the volumes of RDF available.
Remote Monitoring - Complete management through centralised computers ensures optimal operations at all times
Robust & Long Lasting - Professionally managed and maintained moving grates will directly impact the bottom line and help realise payback within a maximum of 4 years of a 15-20-year lifespan.
Use the excess heat from incineration to create electricity, hot air and/or hot water for cleaning. Waste to Energy is now being used in many industries and applications worldwide as companies look at other ways to conserve energy and do their bit for the environment.

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