Medium Pollution Control System

This pollution control system was built to capture and clean the gases generated from burning a mixture of medical waste (primarily soiled bandages). Suitable solution for most most medical processes (dependent on waste stream and volume).

Pollution Control System for Waste Incineration

System Features

  • 230 individual filter elements
  • Remove particulates by direct capture in the ceramic filter
  • Custom designed separator system for specific waste streams
  • Remove acid gases by reaction with hydrated lime and capture of the resulting solid
  • Avoid 'de novo' dioxin formation by removing necessary reactants before the gases cool to temperature window where formation occurs
  • Remove condensed heavy metals as particulates in the filter

All our pollution control systems are designed from scratch for your application. This means you get the most efficient and effective PCS available. As with all filtration systems, servicing and filter replacement must be carried out at regular intervals to ensure performance level remain unchanged.

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