Medium Pet Cremator

The i8-PC2 is our flagship model for pet cremation, boasting a high capacity loading chamber, heavy duty front access door and cylindrical cremation chamber for increased efficiency and liquid retention. The i8-PC2 is also the only model in our range which is self-contained with a rear access door consisting of a mounted control panel and integrated fuel tank which provides a quick and easy on-site installation process without any electrical wiring.

This front loading model benefits from a wide opening aperture to accommodate many batch sizes and shapes - Allowing you to offer a wider range of services from just one cremator. These are easily modularised and can be supplied in 1,2 or even up to 6 primary chambered versions (allowing up to 6 cremations simultaneously).

Is Pet Cremation Profitable?

As with all business ventures, hard work and commitment are expected as standard, but if you apply these and some common sense there is no reason you can't have a highly rewards AND profitable business up and running within 12 months.

DEFRA Approved Pet Cremator
All our Pet Cremation Systems are DEFRA Type approved for use in the UK and EU.

Medium Pet Incinerator

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Dual Chamber Pet Crematorium

The Pet Cremation industry was worth £100 million in the UK alone in 2017

If you are looking to start up a pet cremation business then we have a number of resources available to you. Why not read our 'Starting a Pet Cremation Business' page or download our 'Starting a Pet Crematorium Business Plan'.

DEFRA Type Approved
Fully Compliant for use in the UK and EU All our pet cremation and animal waste machines are listed as DEFRA type approved for the safe destruction of animal carcasses and their related by-products and waste.

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