Medicinal Cannabis Incinerators

Decriminalization of cannabis in hundreds of countries across the globe has led to extensive research and investments into the medical benefits of cannabis. Following this, countries around the world have now legalised cannabis for medical use.

What Countries Have Legalized The Cultivating of Cannabis for Medical Use?

The list is ever changing as more countries perceive additional health related benefits to the consumption of cannabis. A large majority of countries around the world are in the process of legalizing cannabis or medical use through trial periods.

See the full list of countries where medicinal cannabis is legal here.

What is Cannabis Waste?

Cannabis waste can typically be categorised as:

  • Marijuana plant waste not processed with solvents (stalks, leaves and stems)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contaminated materials
  • Solid marijuana sample plant waste
  • Marijuana Waste processed with solvents*

*Any plant waste processed with solvents is classed as hazardous waste and therefore must therefore be disposed of through a licensed landfill, or better yet, through incineration.

The growing of medicinal cannabis results in large amounts of waste and plant matter as a result of large scale production. Most countries require this waste to be ground up and mixed prior to destruction.


Cannabis Farm Waste Legislation

As more and more countries are legalising marijuana for medical use, there is a new waste challenge to deal with. Large amounts of organic compound are left as waste from this farming practice.

Cannabis derived waste is categorised as specialized waste, which means the transportation and disposal requires licensing and compliance.

In some states/countries, failure to meet cannabis waste disposal requirements can lead to fines up to $15,000 and/or cancellation of license.


Effectively Destroy Medicinal Cannabis Waste By Incineration

Comply with legislation by using an incinerator to destroy your cannabis waste. Using one of our specialized incinerators, you can burn your cannabis waste with other non-compostable waste (such as cardboard, paper and plastics). This should be approximately 50/50 in order to comply with regulations.

drug & narcotics incinerators

The Sirocco - Fully Mobile Drug Destructor

The Sirocco is one of our small, compact mobile incinerator designed and engineered specifically to be moved around. The Sirocco reduces the waste to 3% of the initial volume and has been manufactured to ensure that ashes can be removed in the quickest time possible (free ash removal rake included).

The Sirocco’ supports the requirements of destroying waste at source, removing the risk of onward contamination both efficiently and safely. One of the main benefits of The Sirocco is that it can be used to destroy waste at the source. This reduces the points where the waste could be tampered with or stolen. (e.g. in transit)

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