Medical Waste Incinerator Design

For medical waste incineration, complete combustion is needed at all times to ensure the safe disposal of all infectuous and hazardous materials. To do this effectively, precise designs are required for medical waste incinerators – something we specialise in at INCINER8.

Achieving complete combustion in any type of incinerator requires a precise combination of conditions: the right temperatures, the right gas flow, the right gas retention time, and the right fuel sources. This can change depending on the type of medical waste being incinerated too.

That’s why medical waste incinerator design is so important. It needs to be carefully considered and perfectly implemented to ensure optimal conditions are present at all times.


The design features of medical waste incinerators

All medical waste incinerators need to deal with range of waste streams, including general, pathological and infectious materials. The incinerator design should be efficient and effective so that it can easily handle all types of medical waste, with minimal interaction from the user.

The design of our medical waste incinerators include: 

Medical Waste Autoloader Protects Operators from Hazardous Waste

Easy loading ability to minimise operator contact and retain liquids

When adding waste to your incinerator, you need easy access to the feeder. Operators should have minimal contact with the waste stream due to its hazardous nature, and minimum temperatures need to be maintained within the incinerator at all times to ensure full functionality.

Autoloaders maximise the potential of medical waste incinerators and protect operators. Toploaders also offer a good way to add waste into the incinerator whilst providing excellent liquid retention – vital for the complete combustion of some waste streams.

Liquid feeders are useful if your medical facility regular needs to add a liquid-heavy waste stream to your incinerator, supporting the safe disposal of bloods, medicine and other fluids.

Large, effective secondary chambers for complete combustion

A large, solid and effective secondary chamber is a vital design feature of medical waste incinerators.

Pathological waste has a high moisture and low calorific value, which means it’s easy to achieve full combustion in small secondary chambers. But general and infectious medical waste – which often contains lots of plastic from syringes and IV bags – has a low moisture and high calorific value.

That means a larger secondary chamber is needed to achieve the conditions necessary for complete combustion.

Medical Waste Autoloader Protects Operators from Hazardous Waste

High operational temperature, with monitoring facilities

For medical waste incinerators to function efficiently and effectively, their design needs to accommodate operational temperatures of at least 850 degrees.

All Inciner8 medical waste incinerators combust waste at this minimum, and in some cases operate in excess of 1100°C*.

*dependant on calorific value of waste/fuel quality

Ecoflam Low NOx Burners

Efficient afterburners to meet emissions standards

Strict emission standards apply for medical waste incinerators around the world, and in order to meet these, the best types of incinerators will be designed with afterburners.

These are usually included within the secondary chamber, to ensure gas is retained for the required 2 second period, re-burning any harmful emissions that may be present.

A size and shape to suit site requirements

Finally, medical waste incinerator design needs to take into account the requirements of your premises and the site where the incinerator will sit.

Chimney size may need to be considered, the mobility of the incinerator (if you’re in a temporary location) and the general footprint of the incinerator.

At INCINER8, we have a huge range of shapes and sizes to choose from for your medical waste incinerator, helping you to maximise volume and burn in line with the available space.


Why choose a medical waste incinerator from INCINER8?

We’ve been at the forefront of medical and hazardous waste destruction for over a decade, and we specialise in the efficient design of medical waste incinerators – complete with a host of advanced technological enhancements.

All of our incinerators feature best-in-class safety features, designed to protect operators and improve efficiency & performance. These include full expert support, auto-loading options and pre-set programmes for specific waste streams.

We can deliver and install our medical waste incinerators all around the world, with full one-year warranties* and extensive after-sales support – at all times.

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