Waste Incinerator for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the coronavirus pandemic reaches further across our planet, clinics and hospitals may need to consider on-site disposal for the infectious medical waste

As with all viruses, the suggested approach to Coronavirus infected waste disposal is on-site destruction. Incineration is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do so.

How Did Coronavirus Start?

A novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 spread to all continents except Antarctica, with the first cases believed to have been identified in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus (which causes the disease COVID-19) has spread to almost every country, with new cases emerging every day.

INCINER8 - Experienced Supplier During Viral Outbreaks

Our mobile incinerators allow for rapid deployment to hospitals, clinics, laboratories where time is everything. During 2014 we assisted various NGO's and governments in the international fight against virus outbreaks such as Ebola and SARS.

The World Economic Forum state: “Infectious diseases, which are among the leading causes of death worldwide, do not confine themselves to national borders. Their capacity to spread rapidly across geographies – jeopardizing social and economic security as well as challenging human health and well-being – is amplified by ever-growing globalization, increased trade and travel, the rise in urbanization, and changes in the environment, behavior and society. ”

How can Biosecurity Help Prevent Coronavirus?

As seen in recent weeks the spread through human contact has been grown from an 'outbreak' to an 'epidemic' and then hit 'pandemic' proportions really quickly. In the early days of the virus, used medical equipment such as PPE, bandages, bedding and sharps were just left on the streets allowing the virus to remain in the local area and continue spreading.

Poor medical waste management has been one of the key factors in previous viruses spreading so quickly. Over recent years our engineering team have witnessed open burning pits, warehouses overflowing with used medical waste and no use of PPE equipment by staff - leaving them exposed to all this hazardous waste.

Our range of medical incinerators has been designed to operate at temperatures well over 850&Deg;C - this ensure complete eradication of harmful bacteria and releases safe gas back into the atmosphere

Further Coronavirus Information

How Inciner8 helped during the Ebola Outbreak

We also have more information on our page - Ebola incinerators.

Other Human Viruses/Diseases that Incineration has helped control:

Ebola Dengue Fever West Nile
Avian Flu H1N1 Swine Flu
MERS-Cov SARS Virus  
* This is by no means an exhaustive list, but covers the more commonly know outbreaks that can be contained with incineration and good bio-security. We are now approaching the full-extent of this COVID-19 pandemic and solutions for the safe destruction of contaminated waste will be in high demand. Our production of key medical machines has already increase to full capacity in preparation.

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