De Montfort Incinerators - An Alternative

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Another great addition is that Inciner8 models also run off integrated fuel systems that feed the burners directly, these can run off a variety of fuel options and mean once the system is in operation the burners can add any extra fuel should it be required to retain temperature. This is not possible with a De Montfort without putting an operator at risk and manually adding fuel at close range, massively increasing the chances of injuries.

Other benefits of our i8 range include gas/spring struts for easy opening and closing of heavy-duty doors, cast refractory for easy local repair (no skilled masons required), remote monitoring and autoloading to name just a few. All these additional benefits add to the ease of use and speed up the whole operational aspect.

Upgrading your Medical Incinerator

As with any product, technology has allowed a greater evolution from the product that came before it and that is what we are seeing across the world now as many are replacing and updating their waste processes to take advantage of these developments. We have seen great improvements in terms of operational safety and we know that emissions will have been massively reduced due to our machines being installed.

The De Montfort is a great design for a short and immediate needs, but it doesn't have the capability nor the technology to compete with modern incinerators. Below you can see the options between the two machines and see just how much benefit you will get out of owning an i8 incinerator.

Through our near 20 year history, we have designed and produced a multitude of machines for a wide range of sectors, each has been carefully designed to deliver outstanding results for their respective markets. When we replace an older medical incinerator with our new technology we sometimes notice our products are replacing a De Montfort style Incinerator, especially in developing countries.

This article is tasked with not only explaining the difference between the two incinerators but breaking down the pros and cons of each and understanding where the De Montfort incinerator came from and why they are now commonly being replaced by our newer i8 machines.

De-Montfort Incinerators vs Modern Incinerators

What is a De Montfort style incinerator?

The De Montfort style incinerator was designed by Professor D.J. Picken a De Montfort professor in 1996. He designed the incinerator to not only be an effective solution for waste management but for it to be built out of materials that were somewhat easy to access and didn't have a huge financial cost implication. It is estimated that there are over 1200 De Montfort Incinerators in operation throughout Africa and Asia with potentially many more scattered across South America and small island communities throughout the pacific.

Both incinerators are designed to destroy and reduce a wide range of waste types from medical, plastics, organic matter and even hazardous waste types. This helps the local communities stay safe and reduce and potential outbreaks of disease. Although De Montfort incinerators serve a great purpose and help communities with dealing with waste they fall considerably short in their ability to deal with the emissions and safety aspects a new incinerator provides as well as the overall burn rates a new machine can achieve.

Medical Waste Incinerators

Modern Medical Incinerators

Our Incinerators are designed from the ground up to excel in thermal combustion and emissions reduction. Using state of the art technology and modern materials our machines can considerably reduce emissions and improve burns times saving you time, money and crucially minimising potential hazardous gases and odours getting into the atmosphere.

What's more our incinerators excel within the operational process. All our solutions are designed with the end-user in mind and that is one of the distinct differences when it comes to the day-to-day operation of our machine vs a De Montfort.

We use advanced control panels to monitor fan speed and burners, as well as to automate pre-heat, burn and cool-down cycles meaning you get a consistent burn every time that can be monitored throughout the whole process.

Incinerator Features - What are your options?

Inciner8 Medical Range
  • Wide range of options from an i8-10 to an i8-700
  • Average Lifespan up to 10 years
  • 10-1500kg/hr capacity (model dependent)
  • 2+ seconds retention time
  • Designed & made in the UK
  • Suitable for medical/hazardous waste
  • Superior Insulation using Coretex technology
  • Option for containerisation for easy transportation
  • Controlled emissions output with a secondary chamber
  • Global support & spares network
  • Built-in operator safety features
De Montfort Medical Incinerators
  • Open-source design that anyone can access
  • Average lifespan of 3 months to 4 years
  • 10-60kg/hr capacity (Can vary depending on size)
  • 1 second retention times (average)
  • Must source materials to build
  • Cheaper to produce, but have to construct yourself

The design of this system was always intended as a first step in the incineration of medical waste. Once the process is accepted, then the next step is to upgrade the system to a more effective solution.

The alternative to De Montfort Medical Incinerators

As you can see, the two incinerators offer very different options and usability benefits. The De Montfort offers a cheap way into the incineration world with some improvements on open burning, whilst our i8 range offers state of the art technology to allow the best thermal combustion performance currently available. There will of course be situations where the De Montfort is the only realistic option from a financial standpoint but they are a short term fix. Our machines offer long term solutions that businesses and communities look for when wanting to improve their local environment and air quality.

We believe and stand by our products knowing they will deliver clean, reliable, and safer results in a quicker time period than any De Montfort incinerator. If you would like to learn more about our Incinerators review the Medical Incinerators range.

If you feel our products are currently not suitable for your needs or you need more advice on a De Montfort incinerator, then please follow this link to a page where you many find details or advice to help your current situation.

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