Cytotoxic Incinerators

There is an increasing global population, all of whom will come to rely on health care and pharmaceuticals at some point in their lives. There are predictions for major growth in the amount of pharmaceutical waste we generate across the world.

Pharmaceutical waste is also hazardous and able to cause harm to humans and animals alike. This leads to increased demand for waste management tools to ensure any hazardous waste is handled safely, doesn't expose people to harm and is prevented from impacting our environment negatively.

What is cytotoxic waste?

Cytotoxic drugs are medicines which contain chemicals that are toxic to cells, preventing replication or growth. They are used widely across hospitals, hospices, care homes and domestic homes. However, because of their toxic nature, they pose a risk to anyone who handles them. Those administering and receiving these types of medicine are told to wear gloves, gowns and face masks to protect themselves.

Some examples of cytotoxic waste are:

  • Chemotherapy Treatment Drugs
  • Rheumatic disease treatment
  • Sharps used to administrate treatment
  • Unused drugs and empty packaging
  • Bed linen from a patient receiving treatment from cytotoxic drugs
  • Hospital PPE used when administrating drugs

Incineration of medical waste is a specialised process which works effectively to mitigate the risk irresponsible disposal of cytotoxic waste presents.

Why should you incinerate cytotoxic waste?

Many medical institutions have come to rely on collection of clinical waste through private contractors. This is an expensive choice to make and requires diligent handling of cytotoxic waste while it remains on medical premises, pre-collection.

Hospitals have long used on-site incinerators to destroy clinical waste. High temperature incineration ensure full destruction of severely dangerous waste.

World health and monitoring organisations, including the WHO, DEA and UN, recommend the use of specialised, built-for-purpose medical incinerators as the best process to manage cytotoxic waste.

Leaders in Medical Waste

Inciner8’s specialist medical incinerators are designed to be efficient, clean and hassle-free to aid those disposing of hazardous materials including cytotoxic waste. Our products have been used by hospitals, research centres, drug manufacturers, GP practices, care homes and more.

They are capable of burning Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 type red bag wastes containing a variety of density and moisture contents. This means that no matter how much waste you are looking to incinerate in your medical premises, you will be able to do so effectively and safely.

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