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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Medical Waste Incinerators


"All health care waste produced during the care of COVID-19 patients should be collected safely in designated containers and bags, treated, and then safely disposed of or treated, or both, preferably on-site".

Waste & Bio-Security Management

WHO and local governments have all stated that coronavirus related waste should be disposed of in accordance with existing routine proceedures for infected medical waste:

  • No additional packaging or transportation requirements haver been stated. (Just ensure best practive, securely tie bags etc)..
  • Reusable sharps containers generated in the isolation rooms for confirmed COVID-19 cases must be placed in a red bag
  • Use single-use (disposable) sharps containers in these areas where confirmed cases will be managed.

We can offer plug and play or mobile incinerators to enable you to destroy waste on-site or at source and avoid any risks in spreading or transmitting infected material.

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