Laboratory Incinerators

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Safe laboratory waste destruction is an ongoing challenge. With such a wide range of pollutants and particulates it is essential laboratory incinerators reach high temperatures to ensure total destruction of hazardous waste streams.

Laboratory Waste Types Suitable for Incineration

Due to the secondary chamber with its 2 second retention period, our laboratory incinerator range is well suited to process ALL types of clinical & pathological waste such as:

  • Solids (powder, pastes, pills, resins, sludge’s)
  • Liquids (aqueous, solvent, slurry)
  • Packaged wastes (boxes, drums, IBC’s, tubs)
  • Confidential materials
  • Clinical waste
  • Controlled drugs
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Reactive wastes

Years of Experience

Over the years we have created many custom loading solutions to enable easy processing of pharmaceuticals and controlled drugs. In some scenarios we have even created completely enclosed loading and de-ashing solution to ensure bio-security is at its highest level.

Why choose a Laboratory Incinerator from Inciner8?

Inciner8 have provided solutions to laboratories and testing facilities for many years and understand the process involved in obtaining permits and adhering to local regulations.


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