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Identification is the first step, but making the right choice for its disposal can have serious implications to lands' bio-diversity if you get it wrong.

INCINER8 are leading the way in low-cost affordable waste solutions that allow groundsman, estate managers and national trust staff to take complete control of invasive plant destructionusing incnetion. Incineratorsare the opnly destruction method that offer complete destruction on-site. This aso removes the risks associated with transporting such invasive materials by road such as plant matter falling out between destinations. - All this gives you peace of mind that is has been totally destroyed. The 3% ash by-product (usually high in potassium and other minerals) can be added to compost.

Plant species this can help with:

Terrestrial invasive plants:

Invasive Aquatic Plants:

How do I buy an plant incinerator?

Speak to one of our agricultural waste experts and they will advise you on everything you need to know from permitting to running costs and beyond.

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e.g. type of invasive plant, area infested, location