Venturi Scrubber

For a less demanding, lower throughput gas cleaning system, the venturi scrubber is a well tested and respected design used by many industrial processes.

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It uses a combination of vortex technology and high pressure water misting to remove harmful elements from the exhaust gases. Through a combination of R&D and CFD modeling we continually improve our venturi design to incorporate new features optimised to cope with the demands of operating continuously within a waste sector.


The atomized liquid provides an enormous number of tiny droplets for the dust particles to impact on. These liquid droplets incorporating the particles are removed from the scrubber outlet stream.


  • High pressure pump
  • 8 micronic nozzles
  • specially designed release valve
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Gas cleaning
  • Particle scrubbing
  • Fly ash removal
  • Odour control
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