The Sirocco

The global leaders in incineration and product development have once again, following demand from our customers have developed another innovative incineration product.

We are delighted to bring this revolutionary and much desired product to the market. ‘The Sirocco’ supports the requirements of destroying waste at source, removing the risk of onward contamination both efficiently and safely.

Operation is simple - just load the drum, light the waste, clamp down the lid and walk away. A cyclonic effect is created by the fan blowing into the drum creating a high temperature burn rate with the added benefit of no smoke or smell. And with no fuel added the operational cost is extremely low.

As the leading supplier of Incinerators to many markets, Inciner8 have recognised through customer feedback the need for a small, portable model as the solution to many short term waste issues.

Ideal for general use as a:

  • Paper Incinerator
  • Organic & Vegetable Waste
  • Document Incinerator
  • Sensitive Data Incinerator

Typical Uses:

  • Temporary Camps
  • Disaster Areas
  • Camp sites for leisure purpose
  • Confiscation and the destroying of Drugs
  • Contaminated waste
  • General waste

The Sirocco is ideal for most small waste stream incineration with the added benefit of mobility, it can go anywhere.

The efficiency is impressive - it reduces the waste to 3% of the initial volume and has been manufactured to ensure that ashes can be removed in the quickest time possible (free ash removal rake included).

At Inciner8, we pride ourselves in bringing new and innovative products to market. As the largest manufacturer and stockist of Incinerators in the world, we are happy to announce that this product is available now.

Once again, Inciner8 is bringing simple, efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal systems to the market.

Usage Scenarios

Mobile Drug Disposal Incinerator - we have already sold these units to police forces in the USA and South America. The Sirocco is a preferred solution to destroy narcotics on-site. The benefits to police forces in this approach is it reduces the points where the contraband could be tampered with or stolen (eg. in transit). Secondly there is more transparency of what happens to the confiscated drugs - they are destroyed at source. Thirdly this system requires no continual fuel supply. Once the fan is inactive the chamber just needs igniting and then it will retain its thermal heat to process the waste.

Refugee Camp Waste Management - we have shipped these units to areas where extremely large refugee camps have grown in the last 24 months. Again the benefits are low running costs due to zero fuel. Easy to operate - meaning it can even be run by volunteers with minimal training.

Festival / Event Waste Management - ideal for after a festival or outdoor event, simply start loading, ignite and let the Sirocco do its work.

Campsites - suitable for the safe destruction of small volumes of general waste - again the fuel-free design means it will be perfect for even the most remote locations.

Domestic Situations - replace that old galvanized garden bin and replace it with a cutting edge garden incinerator. Perfect to burn garden waste, burning paper and other general home or gardening garbage.

For more information on the Sirocco

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