Pet Cremation

As people worldwide become more attached to their pets, facing the difficult time when they finally leave us brings up more hard descisions. Typically they have been buried in our gardens or simply disposed of. Now the options are much broader and Pet cremation is seen as one of the most sensitive approaches.

What are the options when a pet dies?

As mentioned above, the options now are much wider than ever before. See below for a list of current ways to say goodbye (or in some sad cases, just get rid of):

  • Pet Cremation
  • Take to Vets
  • Burial at home
  • Burial at Pet Cemetary
  • Disposal in bin
  • Taxidermy

For more information read our blog post 'Pet Cremation and other choices when you have to say goodbye to your pet'

INCINER8 have been manufacturing pet crematoriums for many years and have supplied many of the countries' most respected pet crematoriums with their systems. Built with integrity and care in the UK, they ensure that all remains are kept within the chamber and returned to the owner as expected.

If you are looking to find a pet crematorium near you we suggest you look at the websites of one of the following:

IAOPCC (International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories)

is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the standards, ethics, and professionalism of pet cemeteries and crematories worldwide. With Members in more than 15 countries, our Members are the Recognized Leaders in the Pet Aftercare Profession.

APPCC (The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries And Crematoria)

The APPCC is an Association of Pet Crematoriums, Pet Cemeteries, Pet Funeral Arrangers and Suppliers of quality items to the Pet Funeral Sector who set standards to ensure that you, the pet owner, receive the service you expect, carried out the way you want.

Pet Crematorium for Sale

On occasions you can buy a pet cremation business that already exists. The downside to this is you do not fully know the history of operation, overall perception of their business or the reliability of the existing cremator.

Pet Cremator Models by INCINER8

PC-1 Small Animal Cremator Dedicated Front Loading Pet Cremation System
PC-2 Medium Animal Cremator Dedicated Front Loading Pet Cremation System
I8-500A Large Animal Cremator Dedicated Large Carcass Cremation System
i8-20A Animal Cremator (35kg) – only suitable for small pet and animal cremation
i8-40A Animal Cremator (50kg) – medium capacity pet cremation unit ideal for cats and dogs
i8-55A Animal Cremator (60g) – for cremation of larger dogs and other pets
i8-75A Animal Cremator  / i8-140 Animal Cremator (70-120kg) – for cremation of pets of all sizes
i8-200A Animal Incinerator / i8-250A Animal Incinerator  (200-300kg) – our most popular pet cremation system, suitable for all pets.

Here at Inciner8 you have access to our pet cremation experts, combustion scientists and legislation advice.

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