Mobile Incinerators

Our latest range of mobile incinerators lend themselves to a variety of uses in waste management. Whether it is for shared facilities, camps, farms or even for disease control in remote areas.

The main benefits of portable incineration units are they can be easily relocated to where they are needed most. We have seen some farmers group together and purchase trailer mounted incinerators that they can share to destroy farm waste. In remote communities or locations where mining camps or exploratory waste is an issue we suggest that you choose one of our containerized incinerators - they extend the life of the machine by protecting it from the extremities of weather and providing security and safety during operation. All our mobile waste solutions are built to the highest standards for waste disposal, and benefit from being extremely durable for a long working life.

All our incinerators have options for larger fuel tanks and generator sets. The control panel is set up for easy use and will automatically shut off when the required incineration time is reached.

Mobile Incinerator

Trailer Mounted

The trailer is rated to carry up to 2700kg , therefore there is plenty of additional space to carry extra items of equipment including generator sets, fuel and any other equipment. The trailer itself has fixed headboard and sides with the choice of a drop tailboard or a loading ramp (as shown opposite). Chassis, framework and panels are galvanized for maximum durability. The platform is hard wearing resin-coated high density plywood. Commercial rated tires have been chosen for their high carrying capacity and strength.

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On Skid Mounted

On-Skid Mounted

For larger models, on-skid, platform type installation is available. The platform is deigned in a way so it can house the incinerator and related equipment, including fuel tanks and generator.

Specially designed lifting points ensure full mobility of this solution. it is possible to operate on a truck trailer without unloading it. A hinged chimney option is also available to assure minimum transport preparation time.

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On Skid Mounted

Containerized Incinerator

All our standard models up to the I8-250 can be installed inside a 20ft container. This allows the system to be easily relocated in one lift to its new location. Many of our containerized systems have an integrated fuel tank, generator and control panel - meaning they are almost plug-n-play capable.

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