Medical Incinerators (MWIs)

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Medical waste incinerators (MWIs) are one of the safest ways for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and health care centers to dispose of hazardous, pathological wastes and pharmaceuticals, protecting both employees and patients.

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For any medical facility or healthcare operator – big or small – effective waste disposal is a big challenge. Hazardous medical waste – a large percentage of hospital and clinic trash – must be destroyed effectively to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Incineration is the safest, most complete way to neutralize regulated medical waste.  

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Over 30 states mandate the incineration of some types of medical waste, and the incineration of pharmaceuticals is recommended by the EPA. If you want your healthcare facility to be at its best, you need an incinerator partner you can trust. We have decades of experience, global expertise and a commitment to providing the best possible incineration solutions – economical, effective and environmentally friendly.

Why choose a Medical Incinerator from Inciner8?

We specialize in medical incinerators of all sizes, so we can support every healthcare provider – from large hospitals to small clinics. We use the most advanced technologies and unique designs to deliver a highly effective medical waste destruction process, with full support for medical operators and hospital staff whenever you require it.

"All of our specialist medical incinerators meet or exceed the guidelines for medical waste incineration.

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