Animal Incinerators

With both fixed and mobile incinerators available in a range of sizes, our state-of-the-art equipment helps farmers and animal processors to prevent disease, shut down the spread of infection and safely dispose of animal waste & animal carcasses.


Farms and animal processing plants are the backbone of the food chain, feeding an ever-growing population all across the US. But biosecurity is a major challenge, and disease, viruses and infection must be avoided at all costs.

Inciner8 have the safe, effective and smart solution. Our livestock incinerators dispose of all animal waste in a fast, efficient way. Rapidly dispose of infected animals, prevent cross-contamination and maintain your operations at all times.

“We can even add optional heat exchanges to medium and large incinerators – giving you the option of generating heat and water from your waste disposal process”

DEFRA Type Incinerators


What is the safest way to dispose of an animal carcass?

Incineration is used by farms, abattoirs and veterinarian practices across all 50 states as the safest way to protect against disease. All types of animal waste can be incinerated securely in our animal incinerators.

Animal Disposal / Animal By Products Disposal

Our incinerators are designed to dispose of every animal by-product, with sizes available to cover all types of carcass. You can use them for large livestock or high volumes of smaller carcasses. Improve safety, reduce risk and take control of the process with animal waste incineration.

Animal Incinerators For Sale - There is a Model for Everyone - From Abattoirs to Small Holdings

Our range of farm incinerators cater for small to large sized animal related businesses, such as poultry farms (chicken disposal), cattle farms, sheep farms, pig farms, stables, kennels, abattoirs, testing laboratories, catteries, pet crematoriums and ABP rendering plants. Recently our Desert Farming Incinerators have become more popular.

All models supplied in the UK meet or exceed the animal by products regulation set out by DEFRA. Please check details in your own region for any variations For example to comply with the EU you must make sure they meet the 'ec no 142/2011' directive. All our models are highly efficient with a broad range of burn rates depending on the application.

Why choose an Incinerator from INCINER8?

We work closely with farmers and animal product processor all across the US, to develop the very best solutions to your requirements. All our incinerators exceed EPA regulations and protect your local environment.

Each model is supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed by our 1 year warranty and after-sales specialist support. If you need a reliable, proven and efficient animal incinerator, we have a model that will meet your waste needs.

For more information on any of our Incinerators suitable for animal waste and by-products (ABP)

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