E-Waste Incinerators

E-waste is basically any old electronic equipment that isn't used any more. From electronic equipment such as computer monitors, computer keyboards, wires and video cameras to household items such as old electric shavers, vacuums, irons, electric radiators, telephones and electric fans. Other types of e-waste include televisions, mobile phones, mobile phone chargers, speakers, and CD/DVD players.

Can e-waste can be incinerated?

Most types of e-waste MUST be sorted and seperated before the remianing suitable by-products can be incinerated. This means removing all metals, circuit boards, chips, capacitors and other electronic components as many of these contain harmful chemicals.

Typical types of e-waste

  • Computers & Components
  • Mobile Phones
  • Small Appliances
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Televisions & DVDs
As with all waste streams, their actual composition dictates whether you can or cannot safely incinerate them - if you are unsure, then don't try until you are certain it is safe to do so. In some cases additional filtration and pollution control systems are needed.

Electronic waste

"Burning E-Waste in Open Fires Causes Harmful Pollutants and Particulates to be Released into the Environment.

A number of waste disposal strategies (including sorting, separation, recycling and incineration) are being used successfully in the fight against open e-waste fires. These are a dangerous way of burning e-waste as there are many pollutants and particulates that could escape into the atmosphere and cause health problems for the local community.

Landfills are filling up and many countries now export the e-waste to other countries to remove their issue from their shores.

Incinerating Electronic Waste
Inciner8 can advise on the right kinds of pollution control systems and best processes to ensure the waste is destroyed safely and securely.

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