Incinerators for Educational Institutions

Education facilities require an efficient waste management solution to cope with the constant stream of varied waste. At Inciner8, our range of incinerators are perfectly suited to this type of waste.

Incinerators for Schools, Colleges & Universities


Every school and university has a legal responsibility to provide an efficient waste management system. Teaching the younger generation how to properly manage waste in an eco-friendly way is important for any educational facility, and this responsibility must be addressed by every school.

The average secondary school produces around 22kg of waste per pupil each academic year. The amount of waste produced by primary schools is even higher at around 45kg per pupil. The average amount of waste produced by universities in the UK is around 469 kilograms per student per academic year.

Typical waste generated from schools and universities is usually considered as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). Types of waste usually found in these educational facilities are:

  • Food – food waste from pupil’s lunch boxes and lunch provided by catering within the schools/universities.
  • Packaging – packaging from supplies and food packaging
  • Electronic equipment – tablets, computers, interactive boards etc.
  • General waste from rubbish bins.
  • Paper and card – workbooks, letters, textbooks, printed and photocopied paper.
  • Hazardous/Bio-hazardous – waste from science labs such as chemicals, materials and equipment from experiments.

A typical university student studying a degree will generate over 1.5 tonnes of waste during their time at university.

Why incinerate educational facility waste?

There are several reasons why incinerators for educational waste are the ideal solution:

  • Environmental Protection – Incineration provides a safe and effective way to dispose of waste material, preventing the contamination of soil, water and air in the local Eco-system.
  • Cost Effective – With the large amount of waste being produced by schools and universities per day, the costs for removal or disposal bins from third party companies will only continue to increase. Having an on-site incinerator offers control over the process and cuts out extra costs for third party disposal methods.
  • Legal Compliance – With so many regulations and restrictions in place for waste disposal, incineration offers an effective, efficient solution for compliance, with advice and support to help you follow legislation.
  • Reputation – As an education facility, it is your responsibility to educate students the environmental impact of waste and what can be done to help reduce and manage it. By having an effective waste management solution, you can educate and mange your waste at the same time.
Mining and Exploration Waste Solutions

Exporting waste off-site is costly, and with the large amounts of waste being produced daily, this cost will continue to increase over time.

The best approach to educational facility waste is incineration – collecting and containing the waste on-site, and then disposing of the waste safely and quickly.

Our range of incinerators for educational facilities are capable of dealing varied streams of waste – from the general ‘household’ waste produced to other specific waste such as hazardous/bio -hazardous waste from science labs such as equipment, chemicals and other materials used.

Our range of incinerators are supplied fully serviced and ready to run, backed up by our 1 year warranty and global after sales support.


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