De-ashing options

Completely automated de-ashing systems. Operator free continuous removal of ash.

Constructed from mild & stainless steel. The de-asher utilises a water quenched conveyor that runs through the bottom of the incinerator. This catches all resultant ash and transports it to the ash-bin located outside the incinerator.

De ash1

Techical specification

  • Water suspended ash conveyor reduces fly ash.
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Large (XXm3) Ash collection bin
  • Full automated operation
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing incinerators (i8-700, i8-1000)
  • Recycles water to be used again.
Cycle Time
30 seconds
Dimensions (l, w, h)
2.4m x 1.35m x 1.7m
Loading shelf
2394mm x 1366mm
Waste loading height
Shelf material
Stainless steel
Framework material
Mild steel
Ram specification
1.0m stainless steel dual-ram
Air compressor
230V / 50Hz 2 horsepower
Motor Rating
1000 KG

Ash Door Screw Loader

The standard doors of the incinerator are replaced with our unique screw loading ash doors. Manufactured using XX steel , these screws are able to withstand temperatures in excess of 1100?.

The key benefits of this design are the reduction of staff required to operate the machine, reductions in thermal losses

Ash Collection Container

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