Mining waste - South Africa

Supporting Environmental Improvements for Mining Companies in Africa

Whilst being producers of some of the world’s most expensive materials, waste management has rarely been a concern of the mining sector until recent years, with many companies opting to either export waste off-site or burn out in the open.

Nowadays more and more mining companies are seeking for increased environmental protection for their sites to reduce soil, water and air contamination as well as improve the perception and relationships with the local communities. One of the world’s largest mining corporations is being supported by INCINER8 to offer an advanced waste management solution, in the form of a fully mobile i8-700 Incinerator.

South Africa
Undisclosed Mining Company
Waste Type
Mining & general camp waste
Solution Supplied
i8-700 with autoloader
NO Pi8 M 700 1

I8-M700 Medical Incinerator

Like all our i8 models, the i8-700 is designed with secondary chamber giving retention times of 2.0 seconds to keep emissions as low as possible, without impacting the surrounding environment. The addition of a steel skid system equipped with a mounted control panel, fuel tank and generator allows the system to be easily moved from site to site without affecting the general operation of the incinerator and allowing waste to be disposed of safely wherever required. By purchasing this equipment, mining companies can now rely on a much more sustainable waste management practice which we hope will be followed by many more companies in the years to come.

Due to the transient nature of many mining operations, there is often a lot of waste left and no infrastructure to handle it. Managing waste on-site means there are no build-ups of waste over time and therefore sites can be clean and safe to work in. A solution that helps both the temporary and permanent communities involved.

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