Military waste - Sinai Peninsula

Dealing with Military Waste Disposal

Between a northern camp at the old Israeli Eitam Air Base and a southern camp in Sharm el Sheikh, MFO has over 1,000 personnel on the ground and working in the Sinai. As with any camp community, waste disposal is a constant challenge. The military and civilian forces present needed a self-contained waste solution given the desert locations and logistical difficulties of shipping waste away. They needed a waste disposal solution that was efficient, easy to use, and contained their impact on the environment they were tasked with protecting.

Sinai Peninsula
Multinational Force & Observers
Waste Type
MSW & Camp Waste
Solution Supplied
i8-140 & i8-75A
I8 140 G 1 GEN

I8-140G General Incinerator

After speaking with engineering officers on the ground in the Sinai, our technical teams knew exactly which kind of incinerator the MFO would require. We recommended the i8-140 incinerator for their initial needs at one of their camps. This would enable all types of general waste to be incinerated on site with one
single unit, in a clean, tidy and efficient manner. Following that purchase, MFO turned to Inciner8 for the order of a second incinerator, an i8-75A. Smaller and more compact, it was ideal for space-saving purposes. Both incinerators were the perfect solution because they were containerised. They were shipped quickly and reliably, direct to the remote camp locations with ease.

Commenting on the installation and application, Force Engineering Officer Nick Robinson said the service and equipment represented “good value for money” and each incinerator was “performing well, more than adequate to cope with the intended purpose”.The result is a simple and reliable solution for MFO’s US military contingent to safely and efficiently dispose of all their general waste. They take responsibility for their presence in the Sinai region, protecting the environment from harmful emissions or damaging landfill waste, and they ensure they leave the area as they found it. Each incinerator can also be quickly moved to new locations as and when required, so they benefit beyond their current time in the region.

The Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) is an international organisation independent of any single country established to oversee peacekeeping duties in the Sinai. They are responsible for the supervision of the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace, tasked with ensuring security provisions are implemented and preventing any violations of the terms agreed.

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