Narcotics destruction - Lexington Police

The future of mobile waste solutions

Inciner8 has always pushed the boundaries for innovation and technology and our new products are no different. Our new mobile incinerator units are mounted directly onto trailers making the whole unit extremely easy to transport, meaning you can get to locations quickly and can be ready to go at a moments notice.

Lexington Police department configured one of these new products to a U.S spec trailer for their narcotics unit. This has given them the ability to immediately destroy narcotics and other unwanted waste onsite, reducing contamination and eliminating the risk to other members of the public and their police staff.

Lexington, USA
Lexington Police Department
Waste Type
Solution Supplied
i8-55G with trailer configuration
DSC 0041 cut out

I8-55G General Incinerator

Here at Inciner8 we have designed mobile waste solutions for over 10 years. We developed our trailer to be the ultimate portable waste solution. It allows a wide range of models to be fitted onto the back of a variety of trailers to create the perfect all in one solution.

They can be towed by any standard vehicle that has an attached tow hook and therefore gives you a lot of diversity and useability. Described as our truly go anywhere incinerator and excels at being quick and effective in destroying waste immediately at the source.

“The incinerator has allowed the narcotics unit to not only destroy drugs immediately but it has also freed up the use of other vehicles and members of staff meaning other areas of the police force are now better equipped to manage other critical issues. The trailer is exceptionally well built and easy to set up, we have four trained police staff who use it effectively every day, it has changed the way we operate for the better.”

Lexington Police Force

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