Municipal waste - Croatian government

Inciner8 donated a state of the art waste management system worth €60,000.00 to the Croatia Government

Inciner8 donated a state of the art waste management system worth €60,000.00 to Croatia. The minister of Agriculture Mr. Tihomir Jakovina thanked Business Development Manager, Mr. Nikola Vujec in Zagreb and stated rapid deployment and operational planning is of paramount importance in these situations as it helps in the containment of any disease outbreaks. With the significant outbreak we are currently facing an incinerator will help us tackle the problems quickly and safely. Hopefully, we can learn from this period of time and have more products like this in place to tackle these types of issues in the future.

Croatian Military Police & Government
Waste Type
Agricultural Waste
Solution Supplied
Inciner8 i8-200G
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I8-200G General Incinerator

The installation of the i8-200 was complete in just one day with the help of the Military Police in the Eastern Municipality of Drenovci and was in operation a few hours after testing had been finalised. The incinerator has been brought in to not only fight the current outbreak but tighten up biosecurity issues moving forward. Wherever there is a substantially about of livestock there is always a risk of a major animal disease outbreak, the need for immediate disease containment is vital and for both animal and human welfare.

“I would like to extend my deepest sympathies on behalf of Inciner8 to all of the people in the Balkans that were affected by this tragedy. The environmental fallout has been severe; we have received reports of an estimated one million kilograms of animal carcasses in need of emergency disposal.”

Ghazi Sadledein - Inciner8 Sales Manager

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