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Helping Celia Hammond Animal Trust

As a well-established business, it’s always very nice to be in a position to assist a Charity or Non-Profitable Organisation that from time to time can be struggling with cash flow. Our aim regardless of what type of business is to make the difference and reduce cost for them to be more profitable at the bottom line. Inciner8 has never forgotten its start-up roots; we want to see every small business grow and flourish, Yes of course dealing with the (UN) United Nations, The Red Cross and the (WHO) World Health Organisation is a great accolade for us as a business but what counts is for us be able to make such a huge difference to a SME Like the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

London, UK
Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Waste Type
Animal waste, Animal Byproducts
Solution Supplied
I8 55 A 1 ANI

I8-55A Agricultural Incinerator

Their animal waste removal costs were getting close to £1500 per week and only increasing, they needed another option that was not only more affordable but just as easy to fit into their busy schedule. They chose an incinerator because they knew it would provide all of this and also be able to deal with additional waste at a moments notice. They chose a I8-55A, a medium sized incinerator within our range with a capacity of 60kgs per hour.

This will save them over £1250 per week, 65k per annum and has made them totally in control of their waste stream. It really is a WIN – WIN for them and this is why Inciner8 may be an International Company but whoever we deal with, be it in the UK, Europe, or across the globe, they can always rely on the fact that as a business we will leave them in a better place than when we found them. From everyone at Inciner8 good luck to Celia and the Team at the shelter and we hope to hear from you soon!

In 1986 she founded the Celia Hammond Animal Trust with the aim of opening a low cost neutering clinic to control the feral animal population. The first of these clinics opened in Lewisham in 1995, and a second opened in Canning Town in 1999. The Celia Hammond Animal Trust also runs a sanctuary in Brede (Nr Hastings) for animals who are not suitable to be homed for various reasons. In addition to neutering animals, the clinics (and sanctuary) also help to rescue and re home animals - now homing thousands of cats each year.

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