Pharmaceutical Waste Programme- Egypt

Pharmaceutical Waste Programme

The geographical size of the country and the remote locations of their field hospitals meant the Egyptian Armament Authority had to deploy a dedicated medical waste incinerator into each region to safely destroy out-of-date medicines, pharmaceuticals and other medical waste. Due to local air quality guidelines the final specification included the addition of our Venturi Scrubber which cleans the exhaust emissions by spraying a fine mist of water (within a cyclone effect) to remove the heavier/dangerous particles in the gas. Being fitted with a unique liquid feeder meant that hazardous fluids could be added to the incinerator even while it was in full operation without opening the main chamber doors and losing heat.

Various, Egypt
Ministry of Health & Childcare
Waste Type
Medical & Bio-hazards
Solution Supplied
2 x i8-M80
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I8-M80 Medical Incinerator

Inciner8 were chosen as the winner of this prestigious contract based on our expert knowledge of medical waste and our manufacturing pedigree within the UK. We used the latest technology and best materials to produce an exceptionally high standard machine that stands the test of time and can be pushed to their limits day after day. Combine this with our vast experience of dealing with larger orders and meeting tight deadlines you can see why we were the winners.

Now installed and fully operational it is capable of processing upwards of 87 tonnes of medical waste per week. This meaning thousands of out-of-date medicines, pharmaceuticals and other medical waste are safely destroyed for the Egyptian Military Armament.

Our ‘SMARTPANEL Technology allows our engineers and chemists to gain access to your incinerator and its settings and logs. Our team of experts can make changes to these to ensure you get the best and most efficient incineration of your particular waste stream.

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