Cannabis Incineration

Cannabis Incineration in Israel

More countries around the world are beginning to legalise the use of cannabis as more medical benefits of the plant continue to be discovered. Research
suggests that cannabis can be used to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, ease symptoms of diseases such as MS, Cancer, and Epilepsy. Changes in the legality of cannabis also mean that there is a new waste challenge to deal with.

For most of recent history, the cannabis industry has been inhibited by restrictions for medical and recreational use. However, the market is rapidly growing as more countries around the world begin to legalise and decriminalise the use of cannabis. In 2013, Uruguay legalised cannabis, becoming the first country in the modern era to do so. The legalisation of cannabis is attracting more investments from drug and pharmaceutical companies. The cannabis industry can now be considered a multibillion dollar component of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Cannabis Waste
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I8-75G General Incinerator

The perception of incineration in Israel has been rather negative in the past. Dueto opposition from the general public, a recent plan for a waste to energy plantwas refused.

There are no previously known approved incinerators operating in the country. However, after passing a series of stringent emissions tests that are carried out
on a case by case basis, Inciner8’s I8-75G incinerator has recently become the first approved incinerator in the country. Working with our approved dealer in Israel, Inciner8 have successfully sold three I8-75G incinerators to different locations in Israel for the disposal of cannabis waste. For our customers in the cannabis industry, incineration offers a sustainable method for disposing of contaminated or medicinal materials without the risk of cross contamination or tampering. Having an incinerator on-site for waste management is cost effective and easy to implement without extensive training and civil works, unlike other more complicated and time-consuming disposal methods.

“Israel is also one of the 3 countries in the world where cannabis research is sponsored by the government, encouraging more of the population to use medicinal cannabis as treatment. With research in the area being backed by Israel’s Ministry of Health, it is reported that the Israeli medical cannabis industry could soon be worth “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

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